©2018 by LE GRAM - Local Ethique Green Responsable Agricole Marché. 

A story of grams

The right weighing for all

After 2 years of hard work and with the desire to create a place where each product would be highlighted for its true value, we have developed the ideal solution in response to market trends and needs: direct sales in urban areas!

It is by ensuring a short circuit between producers and consumers, with a local and ethical origin of the products, as well as a fair remuneration for our partners, that LE GRAM is born.

In response to consumption habits and the state of the food market, with on the one hand an extremely competitive environment where pressure from industrialists rages on small producers and on the other hand local and seasonal products not accessible to all, we have worked to create your urban market. 



6 letters - 6 values

  • Local - The focus on the local community and our partners, a key factor in our vision 

  • Ethical - Positive influence on our decision-making process by contributing to a more circular economy

  • Green - The objective of our business is to minimize any negative impact on the local environment, community and society

  • Responsible - Encouraging our partners and customers to take more responsible actions with a positive impact on our environment

  • Agricultural - Working with our farmers to provide urban areas with access to fresh, quality and seasonal food

  • Market - The creation of short, sustainable and reliable supply chains for all our stakeholders

The new heavyweight

LE GRAM, much more than a market, an enhancer of added value for our entire community!

Under the same roof, you will find a farmers' market, a coffee bar, a vinyl shop, pop-up stores, ephemeral exhibitions, as well as various activities such as yoga classes and cooking workshops.

A dynamic and friendly place where local farmers, producers and artisans can sell their products and interact directly with you, consumers, by renting a retail space.

An awesome team

Andréa Chemali


"We have created a space accessible to all, both in terms of prices and supply, with a real desire to revitalize the district".